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About The Multiverse Collective

Co-founded by internet, gaming, crypto and emerging technologies industry veterans, Jason Cassidy and David Lucatch, the Multiverse Collective’s first two members, Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a subsidiary of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. and Genesis Worlds, created by GAME Credits have come to terms on a working relationship that will see them build out their respective Metaverses in a collaborative and interoperable environment, working together to build success.

The Multiverse Collective's goal is to foster an environment where other burgeoning Metaverses, industry players, brands, educators, government, retailers and other interested parties, can join and take advantage of the collaborative environment. Without such a system being put in place, Metaverses will be taking on the full burden of carving out their own community in hopes users will not demand the freedom that true interoperability provides.

Key Principles
Key principles of the Multiverse Collective include:
  • Creating engaging and resource rich environments
  • Fair Game Play among players
  • The promotion and support of Good Actor strategies
  • Supporting a safe and secure playing environment
  • Use of blockchain based verifiable credentials to protect personal identity and data
  • Cooperative and collaborative business and marketing strategies and initiatives
  • Creating open standards to support the build and technology stacks of members
  • Interoperability allowing players to seamlessly move among member Metaverses
  • Work with offline and online entities to support their Metaverse activities
  • Economic compatibility and fair exchange of tokens, NFTs and other key resources
Founders and Advisors
David Lucatch

David is the Co-Founder, President, Director & Chair of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. and a member of the Forbes Business Council. Starting his career at the emergence of desktop publishing in the mid 1980’s and as an early Internet adopter, David has spent more than 35 years in the international marketing arena and over 25 years of that developing online business concepts and technologies and taking them to market. David has held senior management posts and directorships at both private and public media and technology firms. Throughout his business career he has been an active supporter of numerous organizations and has been recognized and awarded internationally for his service and community support activities.

Jason Cassidy

Jason brings with him over twenty years of financial and technical experience, including seven years managing various software technologies at BlackBerry. From working in concert with numerous Fortune 500 companies and governmental bodies to traveling the world to gain a global perspective, Jason brings a rare mix of experience to the collective. Being involved in Cryptocurrency since 2012, his focus is on leading Genesis Worlds in the mission to allow true in-game item ownership and bring NFT's (Non-fungible tokens) to the mainstream via the Metaverse.

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Become a Member

Membership in the Multiverse Collective is available to contributors who have an interest and / or commitment to Metaverse interoperability, including, but not limited to:

  • Metaverse Development, Design, Consulting and Platform
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Media
  • Brands
  • eCommerce and Advertising
  • Government and Industry
  • Education
  • Real Estate Development
  • Social and Digital Engagement
  • Other interested contributing individuals and groups

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